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where in the world are you? / Morrisseyfans Anonymous "map"

I was just thinking about this today. wouldn't it be nice to know where everyone else in the group was located in the world? thinking about it in the context of the tour this year, it might help to know who was where in case one of us got into trouble - like with transportation or hotels or something. I certainly would do my part to help if any of you came to the D.C. area and had any problems!

I totally understand if you don't want to reveal this b/c you're worried about stalkers or whatnot, but it'd be nice to know who was where, so that magazines or newspapers can be bought, tickets can be worked out, etc. and we can help each other out!

anyway, if you're worried about privacy, we'll just use LJ nicks and not first names. I'll start:

allnitechemist - Washington, D.C. USA
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